quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

Trechos dos versos das canções de Itamar Assumpção gravadas por Zélia Duncan em seu novo trabalho Tudo Esclarecido

 It is terrifying

Be and be, in English,

is the same

Wellness and seems to be

the same

It is not!

Capa do novo cd de ZÉLIA DUNCAN 

I have hard hair

but not the soft marrow.

You make it cute

In party play the Narcissus

I cut their little wings

I cast you from my paradise.

 his mouth makes me mouth water

that will stick

each other

I'd rather die of fear

live forever in exile

than having to take my hand

What is lived, is lived

it turned past

and now, are forgotten

Dirty dishes in the sink
remember the dirty laundry
tank that is life.

Since you went away

why does not disappear?

Now it is late

is no longer here

who failed

You will notice,

looking around,

I'm the lesser of evils.

I am a watchman
 of a sailing boat
In this beautiful afternoon, lilac, 

I had a fever of all colors,

burned in me loves all.

I tore silk,

ate flowers,

did our damnedest

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